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Why Do I Run

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Why Do I Run?

One night, a few years ago, before heading out for a run I asked myself why do I run?  It was dark on that particular night with mixed rain and snow but like so many other times before I went out to run anyway.  However, this night was different because I said to myself as I walked out of my door why the f&!# am I doing this? There have been many barriers set before me which were difficult to overcome but ultimately my heart and my soul always guided me down the path that I wanted to travel.  While I ran on this night I focused on those barriers and couldn’t help but wonder why I wanted to do this again and again.  I concluded that the main reason is because it has given me self-confidence and the ability to communicate effectively in all aspects of my life.

Through running I’ve gained the confidence to overcome the limitations that previously hindered my ability to communicate with other people.  Running has helped me to find my way out of that narrow little world with which I used to reside.  When once it was painfully difficult for me to say hello to an acquaintance I now do so with ease.  There was a time when I would have rather faced the firing squad than to approach a total stranger but now I find myself initiating conversations without a second thought.  The day that I started running I looked into the mirror and forced myself to look for something good.  What I saw was a determined confident person who will never accept defeat without putting forth a strong effort.  It was at that moment that I finally realized that I was somebody special if to no one else at least to myself. 


Running has opened my eyes to a whole different world.  I’ve learned that if I listen and genuinely care for other people than more times than not they will do the same for me. I have no reason to fear or to be intimidated by other people because we experience the same fear, anxiety and adversity.  What I’ve learned is that it is much easier to manage these emotions together than to attempt to do so alone.

I escaped that narrow little world where I once lived and some doors that were stuck closed are now open.   When I once thought that I had to run to keep friends I now run because it’s fun and it allows me to clear my head and to open my mind to new thoughts.  It’s also become a tool for me to use to help open doors in the lives of other people so that they too can experience everything this big world has to offer.